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Film: The Last Romantic

The Last Romantic (2006)
Directed by Adam Nee and Aaron Nee.
Indie Drama.

This film was equal parts good and bad, but I’ve concluded it’s watchable. The idea of a poet trying to make it in New York certainly drove the action but in the end amounted to nothing. I liked that “Lizzie” was revisited throughout the film, it was something of a peek into the life of Calvin, who, in the end after an hour and a half of close ups and a first person story, we really knew nothing about.

The five women he encounters are incredibly intriguing. The girl on the train. The successful poet’s girlfriend. The girl he fake-marries for money. The cat woman - who happened to be my favorite part of this movie, and largely a catalyst for Calvin’s change. And finally, Lizzie.

The things left unsaid in this film were far more poetic than anything that was said.

It was difficult to cheer on our “ambitious” hero throughout the film due to his limited body of work, and the fact that he talks a lot about being a poet but writes nothing.

I liked the ending. I didn’t at first, but now it’s fitting. Perhaps oneself is the most important thing we have to share with the world and encompassing that, our name.

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